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The city of Boston is ravished with historical artifacts. You can plan a trip to Boston with TripHobo Travel Planner for best Travel Experience. From the Boston Tea Party Ship and Museum to the Old North Church, the traveler obtain an fascinating history lesson. As we stretch our legs through history we are transported back to an epoch where the battle for American independence had taken its first steps.

“Why is it Boston who always breaks the Kings peace.”–John Dickerson to John Adams, 1776 (the musical)

Boston, the metropolis where the lure for independence began

On December 16, 1773 an assemblage of American patriots unloaded English tea in Boston harbor; in opposition to England’s surcharge on that highly esteemed and valuable beverage. The men boarded the ship, Beaver disguised as Mohawk indians. After a called rallying point at the Old South Meeting House. he camouflaged protesters advanced on said vessel moored in Boston Harbor.

The Boston Massacre occurred outside the famed Old State House. The present museum has artifacts from our independence movement with a plaque which identifies the spot where 5 Americans were killed by British regulars. John Adams decided to represent the crown in the now famous trial. Receiving a not guilty verdict for the defendant, Adams established the precedent for the law that we still hold to firmly today.

Paul Revere sketches the massacre a formal ruling of British tyranny. This representation went a long way to stir-up the cause. Revere, of course is best called to mind in Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s poem “The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere.” The unvarnished truth however is Revere would probably be just a footnote in history if not for the scribe’s pen. Thanks to Longfellow we now can call upon the homestead of Revere and have an understanding of the human condition during that generation.

Part of Longfellow’s rhyme is the place of worship Revere used to alert the countryside. The Old North Church became acclaimed when the patriot suspended two lantern in the bell tower that famed evening.

Boston, the city where American patriots rest in silence

We can now voyage into two of the earliest cemeteries in North America. Here we come upon (or maybe not) the finale resting place of these men and women. The bodies of these early settlers of New England may have been moved or stolen so they may not to be consigned to their rightful graves.

Boston–the home of the Freedom Trail…

Next time you are in the Boston area, be certain to include a journey on the painted red line into the history of the city. You will acquire unfamiliar intelligence into not only where we’ve been but you will feel inclined to re-dedicate yourself to the future as you understand a little better our present.