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Bridget Bishop ultimately will be granted her due process–

At Cry Innocent: The People vs. Bridget Bishop you, the audience are placed on the jury. Determining the future of the first individual to be hanged within Salem. Bishop, brought in for be interrogate on the charge of consorting with the devil and executed on June 10, 1692. Wearing clothing, not like other Puritan women of the period (Bishop, is reported to dress in a red undergarment beneath her frock) and managing an alehouse; unheard of at the time for a female) she promptly became the subject of whispering within the tiny settlement. Being married three times and having many arguments with her fellow villagers, Bishop easily became the stereotype of a witch. Listen to the established testimony and offer your final decree.
Performances presented at:
Old Town Hall
32 Derby Street. Salem MA
*Please visit website for schedule and time of performances