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Dear Fellow Historians

Welcome to the Witch House, Salem MA


We are all knowledgeable of the 1692 witch hysteria which has gone down through history as the one of most horrific occurrences in the continental United State. It brought about religious persecution, intolerance and pitted neighbor against neighbor.

Experience 17th century New England…

During the late 17th century, inhabitants of New England had much to dread. Commencing with Indian attacks to existing within close proximity to each other; is it any question as the why this small community got caught-up with the black arts. (Of course, these violations of witchery were brought about by anxiety and concern).

Start your travels at the Witch House, 3101/2 Essex Streets

At the Witch House determine what factually happened during these troublesome times. Learn how the hysteria got out-of-hand; why it terminated with 19 innocents being put to death.

…the only structure with direct ties to 1692

Jonathan Corwin acquired his homestead in 1675 and with his wife raised 5 children. Even though there is no evidence upholding the questioning of witches within the house, the Witch House is a reminder of a community set on fire. Nineteen pure, virtuous souls forfeited their life and countless others place in prison on accusation of witchcraft.

…We at the Salem Witch House summons you to a tour at this historic home of Jonathan Corwin. Glimpse 17th century Massachusetts and drink in one of the most important event in our history.

Why did it happened?

Many hypothesis’ but no definitive conformation. Rumors whispered extend from old bad bread to mental illness within the community. Questions even abound that it was the closeness of the household. Why not meditate on these uncertainties as you visit us at  3101/2 Essex Street.

We are open to the public March 15 through November 30; 10am-5pm. (Please call for winter hours)