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   Picture having your four year old impeached for the sins of black magic. Your offspring is housed in a a defiled fecal infested cloister where the youngster is also restricted by shackles. Is this the embarkation of a horror film? It could be… but it’s not.

Dorothy Good, the daughter of Sarah and William Good of Salem Village had been taken in custody when she told of a garden serpent her mother presented to her. On March 26, 1692 Dorothy gave the information before John Hathorne and Jonathan Corwin. Dorothy, when questioned whether the “Black Man gave her the snake” retorted “Oh no, my mother did.” With this the civil authorities mandated Sarah and Dorothy jailed. While in the Salem Gaol their physical bodies were also placed in restraints so as not to let their spirit escape.

How did Dorothy Good”s name become Dorcas? The fundamental explanation is the magistrates misspelled it. It is this author’s mission to have this child be given her real name back. Throughout our historical past there has always been some degree of miscarriages. The municipality of Salem and its surrounding region commemorates the injustices done to a number of their inhabitants.  The state of Massachusetts, only in 1952 offered full clemency to some. On May 1, 1992 the Salem Village Witchcraft Victims memorial is enshrined. Isn’t it time we give a little girl her name back?

Outstripped of her “wits” after her release from incarceration, Dorothy’s relations are awarded thirty pounds as remunerations. In addition, Dorothy demanded round the clock care the rest of her life.

Petition to restore a little girls birth name