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Name of Organization: The Witch House, Salem MA
Why do you exist?: To bring attention, as the only structure still standing with a direct linkage to the Salem Witch Hysteria of 1692.

Who is your competition?: The other historical attractions with the city of Salem

Are there organizations in your community doing the same work?: Yes, there are other attractions that tell the 1692 witch hysteria’s story

Why now?: Since there has been a great emphasis on the term “witch hunts” recently, the Witch House staff has decided the population should realize and become aware of an actually witch hunt.

Why is your nonprofit a reason for a donor to take action?: …because the structure IS the only house in Salem with a direct linkage to the hysteria of 1692

Why should the donor care?: …because history is important; “We must learn from the past to understand our present and rededicate ourselves to the future”

Why should someone give you money?: …to continue the historical significance of the past and teach others that these episodes in history must never happen again.