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Gothic Princess’

Jun 27, 2017 | Gothic Princess', Photography

I have always had a passion and a fondness for the North Shore of Boston and its unfolding of historical events. Boston, where the King’s tranquility is always put asunder. In the lead-up to 1770 when an assemblage of Americans vanquished the most dominant Empire on the planet. Beforehand though, on the boundary of Massachusetts in 1692, the Salem witch hysteria transpired; 19 were brought to the gallows and one man pressed into extinction. Their  transgression: consorting with the devil. The golden age of seafaring also came to pass within this state’s perimeters. Concluding, we cannot give discourse to this sphere without speaking of Salem’s favorite son–Nathaniel Hawthorn. “We must learn from the past to understand the present and rededicate ourselves to the future.” History allows us to use our imagination and be transported to a different era and encounter people who remain alive, if only spiritually. I hope you will join us as we roam through New England’s history (specifically the North Shore of Boston).


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