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The Witch House–the ideal place to spend your Halloween

(The Jonathan Corwin Estate)

Salem, Massachusetts–April 1, 2018__ This October disburse your Halloween season in the Witch capital of the United State. While visiting, stop by the only structure in Salem still standing that has direct ties to 1692.

“On the eve of 1692, the causes and catalysts that would ignite Salem witchcraft trials lay scattered among hundreds of lives on two continents, smoldering unsuspected in the shadows of the human heart, could be discerned only by the omniscient eye of Providence–or the Devil’s restless attention.” –The Salem Witch Trials: A Day by Day Chronicle of a Community Under Siege; Prologue, p. xii

We all are aware of the story of the 1992 Salem witch hysteria. Visitors to this small community can experience life as it was like at the famed Jonathan Corwin Estate. Corwin is of course best remembered as the presiding judge during these times of religious intolerance.

Corwin purchased the house in 1674 and completed the homestead a year later. The structure, originally  built in 1642 (though some historians argue the house can be traced to the 1620-1630 period). The Witch House now stands as a remembrance of that era, when intolerance rule.

“The so called Witch House (or Corwin House or Davenport-Corwin-Ward House) at Essex and North Street in Salem remains one of America’s impressive and ancient achitectural landmarks. I (John Goff) propose it’s chief significance derives from its phenomenal age”–Salem’s Witch House: A touchstone to Antiquity by John Goff; P. 107

–About The Witch House

The Jonathan Corwin estate is operated by the city of Salem. You may contact the Witch House at 3101/2 Essex Street (; P: 978 744-8815). The museum is opened March 1 through November 30 10am–5pm; daily. Tours of the homestead are self–guided.


Media Contact: Thomas McGovern Jr;