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Ghost and Gravestones, Boston


Mailing Address–

Historic Tours of America, Inc.

108 Sea Gove Main Street

St. Augustine, FL 32080

Phone Number: (617) 269–3626


Product/Services: Historic Tours

Unique Qualities: With Ghost&Gravestones Tours, Boston we will narrate tale of Boston’s darker side. (History that the city wishes would go away.) The tour also stops at two of the oldest burial grounds in North America. Witness the  places of men like Hancock, Adams, Revere and more  are buried and discover why they might not be resting in peace after all?

Mission Statement: The mission at Old Town Trolley is “help visitors see the best first. We also invite you to “join us in any of our great cities and see why our guests say we offer ‘the best sightseeing tours in the country!”

Year Business Formed: 1970’s (conceived); 1980 (first tour takes place in Key West, Florida)

Benefits of Ghost&Gravestones Tour Boston

•Walk the ground of two of Boston’s oldest burial grounds, Copp’s Hill and Granary. Are the people buried here really resting in peace?

•Hear tales of Boston’s darker past. Tales of the Boston Strangler, Mary Toppin (who once said she wanted to kill more men and woman within the United Stats then anyone in history), etc.

•Discover the history of the Omni Parker Hotel and Boston Common.

•Meet the Gravedigger aboard The Trolley of the Doomed: the vehicle that takes you into Boston’s spooky past!!!

Press Release:

April 4, 2018, Board The Trolley of the Doomed–If You Dare

Media Clippings:

April 22, 2013; Boston’s Ghost Tour/Boston’s Haunted Tour/Ghost and Gravestones