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New expectations, new visions and new beginnings

Boston, Massachusetts–what more desirable place to be to commemorate the New Year than where this noble nation got its start. The settlement of Massachusetts developed into the bull’s–eye of royal fascism due to their resistance to British tyranny. From the shot heard around the world (Lexington and Concord) through the Boston Massacre to the Boston Tea Party, Boston has continually been the city which  “breaks the King’s Peace.”

To honor Valentine’s Day, we voyage to the residence where one of the most prodigious love couples in all humanity enjoyed life. The Adams Historical Site in Quincy recognizes and pays respect to the second President and his wife. John and Abigail Adams’ love affair are the actions that legions are made of. United in wedlock on October 25, 1764 their relationship is documented within the multitude of correspondence they authored to each other. In them, the readers come across a friendship that we all would covet. They were compatriots, lovers and equals. With John Adams away on the nation’s interests, Abigail managed and operated their homestead in Braintree. Finally, be sure to give witness to their resting place. They will evermore be together in eternity.

Boston of course is also the place to be during the fourth of July .At the base of the Old State House, listen to a recitation of the Declaration of Independence. The oration has been performed every year since 1776. Observe this holiday further by treading the same footpath our forefathers did. The Freedom Trail affords an journey through the city’s hallow walkways–from the Old South Meeting House through a tour of the Paul Revere house to the Old North Church. Commence your passage at the museum Yankee magazine called “The Best Museum in New England.” This, of course is the Boston Tea Party ship & museum. Walking thru the interior, the visitor gives witness to one of two authentic tea chests thrown into Boston Harbor on December 16, 1773. What more superior way to commemorate our independence then where that conception of liberty and freedom began.

What is Halloween without taking a trip to the witch capital of the world? Of course, we are is speaking of no other than Salem, MA. But… although this metropolis is the bosom of the 1692 witch hysteria it embodies so much more. Salem once reined over the seas. Voyaging to the Far East, gentlemen would transport indigo, pepper, and other precious materials back with them. Within this society we also come across Nathaniel Hawthorn laboring at one of the foremost counting houses within the hamlet. Hawthorn will mature into one of the major literary authors of the era. His narrations about life in a repressive society are often meditated upon to be Salem itself.

Even though Salem is now associated with witches discover how this incident took on a soul of its own. Ask yourself if the delirium which gripped the small community during 1692 could again befall mankind. Journey through the town’s history to contemplate the answer.

Thanksgiving at Plymouth–

Before settling an constituted system at Plymouth, MA the wayfarers of the Mayflower underwent many hardships–including Indian attacks, a rough voyage over and hunger. The initial Thanksgiving came to pass when an assemblage of Indians and Pilgrims met to acknowledge and offer gratitude for an abundant harvest. The natives tutored the new immigrants on how to plant and avoid starvation. If the explorer wishes, they can also undertake to the pilgrimage to Cape Cod, Here, they will find the place where the Pilgrims first came ashore. The Pilgrim Monument in Provincetown gives credit to the location where our ancestors first stepped foot.

Christmas Holidays in the City of Boston–

As we are all conscious, the first Puritans did not rejoice in the festivities  of Christmas during their time. Their strict adherence to scripture prohibited this. But… in todays framework there is no more desirable setting than the city of Boston to commemorate the Christmas Holidays. Of course there are many traditions and observances as well. One such tradition follows…

During the morning hours of December 6, 1917 the metropolis of Halifax, Nova Scotia encountered an unexpected and devastating explosion. Upon being informed of this the city of Boston delegated a team with medical and food supplies immediately to assists. The train, carrying the party arrived two days later after being slowed by a blizzard. In 1971 the custom of sending forth a Christmas tree, as an acknowledgement  to the citizen’ of Boston resumed and endures till this day.