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Once upon a time at Fort Independence  an argument came to pass. But, this fight would emerge in history as the stimulus for one of Edgar Allen Poe’s most celebrated horror sagas. The Cask of Amontillado recounts the story of two officers; one of which massacres the other. Embitterment by the assasination of a most favorite gentleman, the soldier decided to act. The men headquartered on Castle Island got the killer intoxication then walled him within the fortification.

Poe,the much revered native son grew to regard with displeasure his birth city–“Bostonians have no souls. [They] are well–bred as a very dull person generally are.” Poe, born in Boston on January 19, 1809 served at Fort Independence during the Civil War. After leaving the military, the author would record the tale of Lieutenant Robert Massie and Gustave Drane on paper.

Poe of course, who passed away on October 7, 1849 in Baltimore MD under mysterious circumstance became the procreator of the macabre thrillers. His narratives included short stories and poems that brought dread and terror into his readers. Orphaned at a youthful age Poe came of maturity in the family of Francis and John Allan. Wed to his 14 year old cousin; he wrestled to make a living; similar to his biological father who abandoned his ancestral line. His transcending from this realm is still unsolved as there are many assumptions as to the how and why. At the moment of his demise, it was commonplace to seize an unsuspecting being and cause him to cast a ballot the way you wanted him to. (that day’s rendition of voter’s fraud.) Poe had been found donning another’s clothes after an evening of drinking which makes the above theory the most plausible.

Even though there no love lost, on the part of Edgar Allan Poe it’a apparent Boston still can claim the birthright of one of the world’s creepiest author.