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Little knowledge is known of the conversations between George Corwin and Giles Corey preceding the pressing of Corey.  But we can conjecture because Corwin is the chief magistrate of the Court of Oyes and Terminator and Cory a bit of a rabble rouser.

The scene is established within the courthouse in the town of Salem. Corey has already suggested his wife, Martha has been in league with the devil and has handed her over to authorities. Now, it is he who is being censured. Confined to a prison cell Corey’s spirit is witnessed perching on a post in the Salem meetinghouse, according to three of the girls who were the main accusers during the hysteria.

One can envision Corwin’s query–“Are you a witch?” “No Sire, I am not,” comes the reply.

“Well, that is exactly what your wife said, Sir”

Corey meanwhile maintained that he had never been tempted unlike his wife. To this the judiciary was surprised, “What! Have you done this without temptation?’ The tribunal at Oyes and Terminator trying  to determine if Corey’s specter had harmed the town’s children in any way. “I have done nothing to damage them” came the reply.

After cross examination, Corey is sent to Salem’s prison rejecting to enlist a plea on the charge of witchery. The magistrates however wanted and needed a conviction imposing the ancient practice of pressing. This torture had been practiced in Europe but never in America; in fact Giles Corey will be the solitarily person ever to be executed within the 13 colonies in this fashion.

“More weight” or “I curse you and the city of Salem for all times.” Which ever ideogram Giles Corey chose to use upon his eradication, his transcending of the spirit must have been a horrific experience. Guided into a pasture where the sacrificial lamb is position face up; a plank placed upon his chest and huge stones then situated on the human sacrifice. “Will you confess,” asked Judge Corwin. In which Corey rejoined , “More weight.”

A more engrossing take on Corey’s death has him placing the evil eye upon the city of Salem until the end of eternity. A tourist might take pleasure in the succeeding narrative which offers a more interesting flavor. You can just visualize Corwin standing over Corey requiring a confession; propelling his tongue in with the magistrate’s walking stick. Giles, being as stubborn as ever articulates his famous curse.

Did Giles Corey actually set a curse in motion in Salem? Is his apparition  still dwelling in the city today? Many maintain when atroubling times are about to befall this city in Massachusetts the specter of Corey appears to warn its citizens.