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We will never–maybe we can’t (or maybe we don’t want to) forget where we were on Sept 11 2001
America came together that day as one
We aren’t able to forget what happened
But you see, it isn’t our choice
The angels in heaven, they don’t want us to
For they know that to remember is to love
We will never forget all of the men and women who died that day
We will not forget their courage, their sacrifice but most of all their love
Their love not for themselves
But the love for their neighbor they didn’t even know
When God gave us his new commandment, so many years ago
They came through
We may never know why
Why it happened? Why some survive and other didn’t make it?
So many questions and there seem to be no answers
But on this solemn day–as we look back and reflect, please do remember what made friends out of strangers: Love one another as I have loved you
We will–by choice never forget nor should we want to