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Salem, Massachusetts is the distinguished as the home of witchcraft. The reason for this is found within the villainous 1692 witch hysteria which took place within the region. 19 men and women were executed upon a hillside just outside the municipality’s boundaries. Countless others, including a four year old girl were inprisoned and tortured.

A city cursed for eternity?

Salem, Massachusetts most noted son–

Nathaniel Hawthorn born into the diminutive society grew to regard with displeasure the town that so highly regards him today. Hawthorn maintained the residents of this small community were snobbish, rude and full of fear. His great-great uncle, Jonathan Hathorn had been a judge during the reputed witch hysteria. Nathaniel, mortified by his lineage added a “w” to his surname so as to distance himself from his prior Ancestry.

Salem Massachusetts–home to maritime history

As Nathaniel Hawthorn approached maturity he labored hard at one of the many counting houses in Salem at the time. He saw galleons hoisting their sails and returning from the Far East. Filled with spices the ships and those who owned them held dominion over the ocean.

Nathaniel Hawthorn–author

Hawthorn, of course went on to becoming a prodigious spinner of yarns. His numerous books include The Scarlet Letter, The House of the Seven Gables, etc. and are still analyzed by English classes throughout the world. The narratives characterizes societies on the verge; full of hatred, fear and persecution.

Salem, Massachusetts, a truly historic city

As one travels the footpaths of the city, we are awakened to our past. For good or ill, we can call to mind our yesteryears so as to fathom our present. For if we do not learn from it we will certainly repeat them.

Next time you are in the North Shore region of Eastern Massachusetts, please stop by for a unique and memorable encounter. A historical excursion to a bygone age. Whether its witches, maritime or literary… Salem has what you desire. So “why not stop in for a spell”; you never know who (or what) you may stumble upon.

Salem, Massachusetts–in the beginning

Rodger Conant founded the city of Salem in 1628. The humble and modest group of Puritans settled the parcel of land after abandoning neighboring Cape Ann. Designating it Salem, which denotes “peace” it would become anything but. Today, some say the city has a curse upon it; placed by Giles Corey. It is rumored that every time a disaster is about to befall Salem, the ghost of Corey turns up. It has also been said if Corey and his true love are reunited in the afterlife… then the blight upon the city of Salem will be completed.