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Article published on travelandtalk

Savannah, GA, with its immeasurable connection to an era long gone by is thought to be one of the most haunted cities within the continental United State. From Colonial Park Cemetery through Bonaventure Burial Ground, the apparition of the dead can still be observed roaming through this metropolis. The spirits of the yesteryear are never far beyond the physical world’s touch; as is true with the love adventure of Willie and Nellie Gordon.

Documentation has recorded Nellie Gordon’s departed husband returned to escort her to the other side. When Ms. Gordon passed away on February 22, 1927 it is whispered her last command was–“Don’t cry for me when I’m gone. Everyone should celebrate. I’m going to be with my Willie.” Gordon’s daughter-in-law, Margaret had beheld the spirit of Willie descending the stairs the Nellie had died. In addition, a butler who worked for the family also had perceived the same figure striding down the stairs and exiting the home.

Savannah, GA–founded in 1733 by James Oglethorpe and a group of pioneers who disembarked in the new world by way of their ship–Annie. The city is landmarked by its oak and palm trees as well as its famous Spanish Moss. The streets in this metropolis are arranged and divided into “public squares” and are named accordingly; Chippewa, Lafayette, Telfair, etc. Each plaza is of varying size and is distinguished by a “particular feature.” For example, the Nathaniel Green square  has a likeness of the Revolutionary War hero. Note: Nathaniel Green’s remains however are interred in the Robert Johnson square (named after Georgia’s first Governor).

Bonaventure cemetery is one of the most well–known resting places and, of course is walked by spirits of the past. It has famed statues as well as prominent Americans consigned within its grounds; names such as Johnny Mercer, Mary Telfair, Gracie Watson (whose grave is landmarked by a statue of a little girl), General Robert Houstoun Anderson, etc.

If your desire is to call upon a place with a deep connection to our past, then there is no better place to begin than in Savannah. The metroplis has been named the most romantic as well as the most haunted place in North America. What better way to spend a Valentine’s day than with real life lovers, Nellie and Willie Gordon and other spirits that remind us the sometimes life can be for eternity.